Ini 9 Idiom yang Berkaitan dengan ‘Eye’

Kampung Inggris Bandung

Kampung Inggris Bandung – Kali ini kita bahas yuk berbagai idom yang menggunakan kata eye, sudah pada tahu? Kalau belum coba deh baca kesembilan idiom dan contoh kalimatnya berikut ini.

Feast one’s eyes on (to look at something amazing), melihat sesuatu secara takjub. Example: Feast your eyes on wonderful castel.

One’s eyes pop out of one’s head (to be shocked or amazed), kaget atau kagum. Example: When I told him I got the scholarship his eyes popped out of his head.

Keep one’s eyes peeled (to look for intently), melihat dengan penuh perhatian. Example: Keep your eye peeled for that picture.

Out of the corner of one’s eye (to catch something without really looking for it), melihat sekilas Example: I spotted for an advertisement out of the corner of my eye.

The apple of one’s eye (a person you have great affection for), seseorang yang sangat kamu sayangi. Example: Her grandson is the apple of her eye.

In the blink of an eye (very quickly), dengan sangat cepat. Example: I will be there in the blink of an eye.

Eye candy (someone who is very attractive), seseorang yang sangat menarik. Example: There are lots of eye candy in a gym.

Red-eye (an overnight flight), penerbangan semalaman. Example: I flew in on the red-eye last night.

Get some shut-eye (to get some sleep), butuh tidur. Example: I need to go home and get some shut-eye before start the activity.

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