100++ List Akronim dalam Bahasa Inggris dari A Sampai Y

Kampung Inggris Bandung E-PLC –  Dalam percakapan sehari-hari pastinya kita pernah mendengar atau membaca sebuah akronim. Akronim adalah kumpulan kata yang dibentuk dari mengambil huruf pertamanya saja dari masing-masing kata, sederhananya akronim merupakan singkatan dari sebuah frasa tertentu. Pembahasan ini akan menjabarkan 100++ list akronim mulai dari yang berawalan huruf A sampai dengan huruf Y.


Acronyms A

AAMOF = As A Matter Of Fact

AAP = Always A Pleasure

AAR = At Any Rate

AEAP = As Early As Possible

AFAIAC = As Far As I Am Concerned


Acronyms B

BFF = Best Friend Forever 

BFFL = Best Friend For Live

BBL = Be Back Later

BMV = Be My Valentine

BOGOF = Buy On Get One Free


Acronyms C

CWTSY = Can’t Wait To See You 

CYL = Catch You Later 

CYM = Check Your Mail 

CMEO = Crying My Eyes Out 

CMH = Cross My Heart


Acronyms D

DMAF = Don’t Make A Fuss

DTE = Down To Earth

DMML = Don’t Make Me Laugh 

DND = Do Not Disturb 

DTTM = Don’t Talk To Me 


Acronyms E

EOC = End Of Conversion 

EOD = End Of Discussion 

EOE = Equal Opportunity Employer 

ESL = English as Second Language 

EOTW = End Of The World 


Acronyms F 

FYEO = For Your Eyes Only 

FYI = For Your Information 

FYK = For Your Knowledge 

FYM = For Your Mind

FYP = Fixed Your Post


Acronyms G

GAFIA = Get Away From It All

GAFM = Get Away From Me 

GBML = Good Bye My Love

GBTM = Get Back To Me 

GBTW = Get Back To Work 


Acronyms H 

HAGD = Have A Good Day 

HAGE = Have A Good Evening 

HAISTK = How Am I Supposed To Know 

HAYT = How Are You Today? 

HB = Happy Birthday!


Acronyms I

IAC = In Any Case

IAD = It All Depends

ICAM = I Couldn’t Agree More

ICAY = I Care About You 

ICB = I Can’t Believe


Acronyms J

JFY = Just For You 

JFYI = Just For Your Information 

JK = Just Kidding 

JMHO = Just My Humble Opinion

JGB = Just Go Back 


Acronyms K

KMFC = Keeping My Fingers Crossed 

KML = Killing Myself Laughing 

KMN = Kill Me Now

KMP = Keep Me Posted

KMU = Keep Me Updated


Acronyms L

LFDY = Live Fast, Die Young 

LITS = Life Is Too Short

LIU = Look It Up 

LJBF = Let’s Just Be Friends

LOL = Laughing Out Loud


Acronyms M

MBF = My Best Friend

MBFAM = My Brother For Another Mother 

MHBFY = My Heart Bleeds For You 

MHO = My Honest Opinion

MHOTY = My Hat’s Off To You 


Acronyms N

NAA = Not At All

NABD = Not A Big Deal 

NBT = Nothing But Trouble 

NBTD = Nothing Better To Do 

NGU = Never Give Up 


Acronyms O

OCN = Of Course Not 

OED = Oxford English Dictionary 

OMG = Oh My God 

ONM = Oh, Never Mind

ONNA = Oh No, Not Again 


Acronyms P

PBP = Please Be Patient 

PCM = Please Call Me 

PLMA = Please Leave Me Alone 

PLMN = Please Let Me Know 

PAL = Peace and Love


Acronyms Q

QQFY = Quick Question For You 

QNO = Quiet Night Out 

QOL = Quality Of Life 

QOTD = Quote of The Day 

QAP = Quick As Possible 


Acronyms R

ROFC = Rolling on Floor Crying 

ROFL = Rolling on Floor Laughing 

ROTFL = Rolling on The Floor Laughing 

RTG = Ready To Go 

RTM = Read The Manual 


Acronyms S

SFR = Smiling For Real 

SFSG = So Far So Good 

SFTB = Sorry For The Broadcast 

SFW = Safe For Work 

SGTM = Sounds Good To Me 


Acronyms T

TBFY = To Bad For You 

TBH = To Be Honest 

TBMS = To Be More Specifics

TBNT = Thanks, But No Thanks 

TBQF = To Be Quite Frank 


Acronyms U 

US = United States 

USA = United States of America

UTS = Under The Skin 

UTT = Under The Table 

UV = Unpleasant Visual 


Acronyms V

VGC = Very Good Condition 

VOA = Voice Of America 

VGL = Very Good Looking 

VGM = Video Game Music 

VP = Vice President 


Acronyms W

WDOML = Worst Day Of My Life

WDTM = What Does That Mean?

WDYM = What Do You Mean?

WDYT = What Do You Think?

WDW = Who Dares Wins


Acronyms Y

YDMT = You Don’t Mean That 

YDS = You Don’t Say

YDU = You Don’t Understand 

YF = Your Friend 

YFW= Your Face When


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