100++ List Sinonim dalam Bahasa Inggris dari A Sampai Y Beserta Contohnya

100++ List Sinonim dalam Bahasa Inggris dari A Sampai Y Beserta Contohnya

Kampung Inggris Bandung E-PLC –  Ketika kamu ingin membuat suatu kalimat atau berbicara dengan seseorang pasti ada beberapa pilihan kata yang bisa kamu gunakan yang keduanya memiliki arti yang mirip bahkan sama persis. Kata-kata ini disebut dengan sinonim, dalam bahasa Inggris banyak sekali kata sinonim yang bisa kita ketahui. Yuk kita bahas list 100++ sinonim dari mulai huruf A sampai Y berikut dengan contohnya. 


Synonyms (A)


Abandon —– Forsake

People often simply abandon their pets when they go abroad

He had made it clear to his wife that he would never forsake her.


Able —– Capable

You must be able to speak French for this job.

You are capable of better work than this.


Accomplish —– Achieve

Easy enough to say, but sometimes hard to accomplish!

They could not achieve their target of less than 3% inflation.


Accurate —– Precise

Scientists have found a more accurate way of dating cave paintings.

I can be reasonably precise about the time of the incident.


Active —– Athletic

She’s over 80, but is still very active.

He can play any sport, he’s naturally athletic.


Synonyms (B)


Bargain —– Deal

The car was a bargain at that price.

We did a deal with the management on overtime.


Begin —– Start

He always begins his lessons with a warmup exercise.

I only started this book yesterday.


Beginner —– Novice/ Amateur

She’s in the beginners’ class.

I’m a complete novice at skiing.

The tournament is open to both amateurs and professionals.


Behave —– Act

The doctor behaved very unprofessionally.

John’s been acting very strangely lately.


Belly —– Stomach

They crawled along on their bellies.

You shouldn’t exercise on a full stomach.


Synonyms (C)


Choose —– Select/ Pick

We have to choose a new manager from a shortlist of five candidates.

She was selected as the parliamentary candidate for Bath.

She picked the best cake for herself.


Chop —– Cut

He was chopping logs for firewood.

You need a powerful saw to cut through metal.


Close —– Shut

I closed my eyes against the bright light.

Philip went into his room and shut the door behind him.


Coat —– Jacket

I have a long winter coat.

I have to wear a jacket and tie to work.


Cold —– Chilly/ Freezing

Today, it is very cold.

I was feeling chilly.

My hands are freezing!


Synonyms (D)


Danger —– Harm

Children’s lives are in danger every time they cross this road.

He would never frighten anyone or cause them any harm.


Defective —– Faulty

Her hearing was found to be slightly defective.

Ask for a refund if the goods are faulty.


Delicious —– Yummy

This dish is delicious with cream.

These biscuits are yummy.


Depart —– Leave

The train departed Amritsar at 6.15 p.m.

The plane leaves for Dallas at 12.35.


Destiny —– Fate

I believe there’s some force guiding us—call it God, destiny or fate.

By a strange twist of fate, Andy and I were on the same plane.


Synonyms (E)


Earth —– Ground

After a week at sea, it was good to feel the earth beneath our feet again.

I found her lying on the ground.


Easy —– Simple

It’s easy for you to tell me to keep calm, but you’re not in my position.

The answer is really quite simple.


Encourage —– Urge

My parents have always encouraged me in my choice of career.

The report urged that all children be taught to swim.


End —– Finish/ Conclude

They decided to end their relationship.

She finished law school last year.

She concluded her speech with a quotation from Shakespeare.


Evaluate —– Assess

Our research attempts to evaluate the effectiveness of the different drugs.

Damage to the building was assessed at £40 000.


Synonyms (F)


Faithful —– Loyal/ Devoted

I have been a faithful reader of your newspaper for many years.

She has always remained loyal to her political principles.

They are devoted to their children.


Fall —– Drop

September had come and the leaves were starting to fall.

The climber slipped and dropped to his death.


False —– Untrue

He used a false name to get the job.

These accusations are totally untrue.


Famous —– Renowned

He became internationally famous for his novels.

She is renowned for her patience.


Fantastic —– Great

The weather was absolutely fantastic.

This represents a great achievement.


Synonyms (G)


Gain —– Acquire/ Obtain

The country gained its independence ten years ago.

She has acquired a good knowledge of English.

I finally managed to obtain a copy of the report.


Garbage —– Trash/ Rubbish

Don’t forget to take out the garbage.

Will someone take out the trash?

The streets were littered with rubbish.


Gather —– Collect

His supporters gathered in the main square.

The company collects information about consumer trends.


Gentle —– Tender

He lived in a gentle age than ours.

What he needs now is a lot of tender loving care.


Gift —– Present

The watch was a gift from my mother.

What can I get him for a birthday present?


Synonyms (H)


Hat —– Cap

I’m wearing two hats tonight—parent and teacher.

He is wearing a baseball cap.


Have —– Own/ Possess

I have a new car and a boat.

I don’t own anything of any value.

I’m afraid this is the only suitcase I possess.


Help —– Assist

He always helps with the housework.

We will assist you in finding somewhere to live.


Hot —– Boiling

It was hot and getting hotter.

You must be boiling in that sweater!


House —– Home

He went into the house.

We are not far from my home now.


Synonyms (I)


Idea —– Thought

I like the idea of living on a boat.

I don’t like the thought of you walking home alone.


Important —– Significant

Money played an important role in his life.

Your work has shown a significant improvement.


Infant —– Baby

She was seriously ill as an infant.

My sister’s expecting a baby.


Inspect —– Examine

The plants are regularly inspected for disease.

The doctor examined her but could find nothing wrong.


Interesting —– Exciting

It would be interesting to know what he really believed.

They waited and waited for something exciting to happen.


Synonyms (J)


Job —– Occupation/ Work/ Career

He’s trying to get a job.

Please state your name, age and occupation below.

It’s very difficult to find work at the moment.

He had a very distinguished career in the Foreign Office.


Jungle —– Forest

The area was covered in dense jungle.

Thousands of hectares of forest are destroyed each year.


Synonyms (K)


Keep —– Hold

She keeps the blue bear as a souvenir.

The girl holds her father’s hand tightly.


Kind —– Helpful

She’s a very kind and generous person.

She’s one of the most helpful people I know.


Synonyms (L)


Last —– Final/ Ultimate

I wouldn’t marry you if you were the last person on earth!

They find each other in the final chapter of the book.

We will accept ultimate responsibility for whatever happens.


Late —– Tardy

She’s late for work every day.

The law is often tardy in reacting to changing attitudes.


Learn —– Study

She’s very keen to learn about Japanese culture.

My brother studied at the Royal College of Art.


Like —– Love/ Enjoy/ Prefer

I don’t like the way he’s looking at me.

If you love each other, why not get married?

Thanks for a great evening. I really enjoyed it.

I prefer my coffee black.


Listen —– Hear

I listened carefully to her story.

He could hear a dog barking.

Long —– Endless


Synonyms (M)


Many —– Numerous

There are too many mistakes in this essay.

He has been late on numerous occasions.


Mistake —– Error

It would be a mistake to ignore his opinion.

I think you have made an error in calculating the total.


Mix —– Stir/ Mingle/ Blend

Oil does not mix with water.

The vegetables are stirred into the rice while it is hot.

He felt a kind of happiness mingled with regret.

Blend the flour with the milk to make a smooth paste.


Mother —– Mom

I want to buy a present for my mother and father.

My mom says I have to stay home tonight.


Synonyms (N)


Naughty —– Mischievous

He is a naughty boy.

She looked slightly mischievous.


Nearly —– Almost

The bottle’s nearly empty.

The story is almost certainly false.


Neat —– Tidy

She was wearing a neat black suit.

She keeps her flat very tidy.


Synonyms (O)


Occur —– Happen

When exactly did the incident occur?

You’ll never guess what’s happened!


Odd —– Strange/ Queer/ Weird

The odd thing was that he didn’t recognize me.

A strange thing happened this morning.

She had a queer feeling that she was being watched.

It’s really weird seeing yourself on television.


Old —– Ancient

He always gives the same old excuses.

That’s an ancient oak tree!


Opportunity —– Chance

You’ll have the opportunity to ask any questions at the end.

Please give me a chance to explain.


Outside —– Exterior

You can’t open the door from the outside.

The exterior of the house needs painting.


Synonyms (P)


Page —– Sheet

Someone has torn a page out of this book.

Start each answer on a fresh sheet.


Particular —– Specific

There is one particular patient I’d like you to see.

The money was collected for a specific purpose.


Pastime —– Hobby

Watching television now seems to be the most popular national pastime.

I only play jazz as a hobby.


Pause —– Hesitate

Anita paused for a moment, then said: ‘All right’.

He seemed to hesitate a second.


Perform —– Act/ Carry out

She performs an important role in our organization.

Can you act as interpreter?

Extensive tests have been carried out on the patient.


Synonym (Q)


Quake —– Tremble

They are quaking in their boots at the prospect of tomorrow’s game.

He opened the letter with trembling hands.


Quiet —– Peaceful

I was looking forward to a quiet evening at home.

He had a peaceful life.


Quiet —– Silent

“Be quiet,” said the teacher.

“Keep silent, please!”


Quite —– Fairly/ Pretty

He plays quite well.

I know him fairly well, but I wouldn’t say we were really close friends.

I’m pretty sure I’ll be going.


Synonyms (R)


Raise —– Lift

She raised the gun and fired.

I lifted the lid of the box and peered in.


Real —– Genuine/ True

Are those real flowers?

Is the painting a genuine Picasso?

The novel is based on a true story.


Receive —– Get

He received an award for bravery from the police service.

I got a letter from Dave this morning.


Regret —– Remorse

She expressed her regret at the decision.

She felt no remorse at leaving them without notice.


Reject —– Deny/ Refuse

The prime minister rejected any idea of reforming the system.

She denied all knowledge of the incident.

I politely refused their invitation.


Synonyms (S)


Sack —– Bag

We need about a sack of rice.

She is holding a plastic bag.


Sad —– Unhappy

We are very sad to hear that you are leaving.

I was unhappy that she had to go.


Say —– Tell/ Talk/ Speak

Be quiet, I have something to say.

Tell me where you live.

Stop talking and listen!

The President refused to speak to the waiting journalists.


Scared —– Terrified/ Frightened/ Afraid

She is scared of going out alone.

I’m terrified of losing you.

I’m frightened of walking home alone in the dark.

I started to feel afraid of going out alone at night.


Shop —– Store

There’s a little gift shop around the corner.

She worked in a grocery store before going to college.


Shout —– Scream/ Yell

I shouted for help but nobody came.

He screamed at me to stop.

She yelled at the child to get down from the wall.


Synonym (T)


Talkative —– Communicative

She was in a talkative mood.

He wasn’t very communicative and kept things to himself.


Taxi —– Cab

We’d better take a taxi.

I took a cab to the airport.


Temper —– Mood

He must learn to control his temper.

He’s always in a bad mood.


Thankful —– Grateful

I was thankful to see they’d all arrived safely.

I am extremely grateful to all the teachers for their help.


Think —– Ponder/ Consider

I didn’t think you liked sports.

The senator pondered the question for a moment.

She considered her options.


Synonyms (U)


Uncommon —– Unusual

Side effects from the drug are uncommon.

She has a very unusual name.


Uncooked —– Raw

The steak was uncooked in the middle.

These fish are often eaten raw.


Uneasy —– Restless/ Concerned/ Nervous/ Anxious

His presence made her feel uneasy.

After five years in the job, he was beginning to feel restless.

The President is deeply concerned about this issue.

I felt really nervous before the interview.

He seemed anxious about the meeting.


Unfortunate —– Unlucky

He was unfortunate to lose in the final round.

He was very unlucky not to win.


Unlawful —– Illegal

The jury returned a verdict of unlawful killing.

It’s illegal to drive through a red light.


Synonyms (V)


Value —– Worth

The winner will receive a prize to the value of £1 000.

He has a personal net worth of $10 million.


Very —– Extremely

The new building has been very much admired.

This issue is extremely complicated.


Synonyms (W-Y)


Walk —– Stroll

He walked slowly away from her.

People were strolling along the beach.


Want —– Desire

She’s always wanted a large family.

We all desire health and happiness.

Winner —– Victor

The winners of the competition will be announced next month.

There are no victors in a divorce.


Woman —– Lady

I prefer to see a woman doctor.

He was with an attractive young lady.


Wonderful —– Amazing

It’s wonderful what you can do when you have to.

It’s amazing the difference a few polite words make.


Yearly —– Annually

The magazine is issued twice yearly.

The exhibition is held annually.


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