50++ Contoh Idiom dalam Kalimat Bahasa Inggris yang Bisa Kamu Pelajari Part 1

50++ Contoh Idiom dalam Kalimat Bahasa Inggris yang Bisa Kamu Pelajari Part 1

Kampung Inggris Bandung E-PLC – Ketika belajar bahasa Inggris, tentunya kita pernah mendengar atau membaca sebuah idiom. Ungkapan seperti idiom ini tidak bisa diartikan secara literal, idiom tidak bisa diartikan begitu saja sesuai kata penyusunnya. Namun arti idiom bagi mereka yang menggunakannya sudah pasti dipahami. Nah, untuk itu mari kita pelajari berbagai idiom yang ada dalam bahasa Inggris beserta contoh dalam kalimatnya.  


Health Idioms Examples

My grandfather was as pale as a ghost (extremely pale) when he entered the hospital. 

The sales manager was at death’s door (very near death) after his heart attack.

My mother is back on her feet (healthy again) after being sick for two weeks.

I have been feeling on top of the world (feel very healthy) since I quit my job.

I’m going under the knife (undergo surgery) next month to try to solve my knee problems. Hope it helps!

My colleague was looking a little green around the gills (sick) when he came to work today.

My uncle is very sick and has one foot in the grave (near death).

Did you have a good vacation? – Not really. I was sick as a dog (extremely ill) the whole time.

My boss has been under the weather (not feeling well) all week and has not come to work during that time.


Music Idioms Examples

Can you guys please be quiet? Your chin music (meaningless talk) is distracting me from my work.

News of the new president was music to my ears (good to hear) – she’s terrific.

You may say you’re in love with your boyfriend, but you’ll be singing a different tune (change your opinion) when you find out what he’s been up to.

If you think you can get a ticket for under $200 at Christmastime, you’re whistling Dixie (unrealistically optimistic).


Time Idioms Examples


The restaurant is open around the clock (at all times).

Blackberry phones used to be extremely popular, but now many people think they’re behind the times (old-fashioned).

The boxer is ready to call time (end) on his long career.

You all look tired. Let’s call it a day (stop working).

Teamwork and training will carry the day (successful).

Your days are numbered (will die soon) if you keep driving while drunk.

 I’d buy that car in a New York minute (very quickly) if I had the money.

I had a beautiful family, a nice home, and lots of money. And then, in the blink of an eye (instantaneously), it was all gone.

Kevin says he was completely in the dark (unaware) about the CEO’s plans to sell the company.

We were going to leave without you, but you got here just in the nick of time (just in time).

I’m glad you dropped by! It’s been a month of Sundays (a long time) since I saw you last.

When I said I would move to New York, she offered me the job on the spot (immediately).

Once in a blue moon (very rarely) you see the Aurora here, but it’s not like farther north.

I don’t want to live in the city, but I enjoy visiting once in a while (occasionally).

We should seize the day (take an opportunity) while prices are low. That won’t last forever.

Take your time (don’t hurry) on the exam. You don’t get a bonus for finishing quickly.

If you have problems, call me twenty-four seven (at any time); it doesn’t matter if I’m sleeping.

Our holiday party is such a bore. Year in, year out (annually without change) the owner makes the same dumb jokes.


Number Idioms Examples


I have a million and one (many) ideas.

He got home from the party all in one piece (safely).

The project failed, we’re back to square one (back to the start).

I’ve been in seventh heaven (extremely happy) ever since I got engaged!

You don’t have to do this totally by the book (follow instructions exactly).

I can’t drive, I had one too many (drink too much alcohol).

Never in a million years (absolutely never) did I think that I would actually win the lottery!

Nine times out of ten (almost always) your first choice turns out to be the right one.

I wouldn’t want a nine-to-five job (a routine job).

When my mom bought me a computer, I was on cloud nine (very happy).

I put in my two cents (say your opinion) at the meeting.

Ten to one (very likely) I’m going to win.

I can try, but completing the whole ad campaign by the end of the month is a tall order (a difficult task).

The runner was far ahead for most of the race, but at the end she won only by a whisker (a very short distance).


Weather Idioms Examples


It’ll be a cold day in July (never happen) when our team wins the championship. We’re terrible.

If you think I’m going to climb that rickety ladder, you’re all wet! (completely mistaken!)

I stayed up all night studying for that exam, and then it turned out to be a breeze! (very easy!)

Come hell or high water (no matter what happens), we will be in New York for the meeting tomorrow morning.

I listen to the music every day, come rain or shine (do regularly).

Let’s come back soon before the heavens open! (start to rain heavily)

 I made a huge mistake. I stayed up all night studying, and I was in a fog (confused) when it came time to start the exam.

Old Man Winter (Winter) is hanging around this year-it’s the middle of March, and we still have a lot of snow.

Cindy was on cloud nine (extremely happy) after her boyfriend proposed to her.

It’s been raining cats and dogs (rain heavily) all day. I’m afraid the roof is going to leak.

Once again, John is right as rain (absolutely correct). We should sell the Chicago office building.

 I’m sorry to rain on your parade (spoil someone’s plans), but the park is closed tomorrow, so we can’t have our picnic there.

Let’s go out and soak up some sun (enjoy the sun).

 If you keep asking him about his ex-girlfriend, you’ll be on thin ice (in a risky situation).

Tom stole cameras when he worked here. I’ll hire him back when hell freezes over (never).


Happy Idioms Examples


I always have so much fun when Katie’s around—she’s a barrel of laughs! (funny).

You look full of the joys of spring (very happy, full of energy) this morning.

The kids really had a ball (have a very enjoyable time) at the birthday party—they won’t stop talking about it!

We had a whale of a time (enjoy very much) on holiday.

Come on, Jim, this is a party! Let your hair down (relax and enjoy) and go a little wild!

The circus was more fun than a barrel of monkeys (a very good time).

 It’s nice to slow down at the week-end and take it easy (relax).


Love Idioms Examples


I didn’t know Chris and Sue were an item (having a romantic relationship). They didn’t even look at each other at dinner.

Have you heard? Sophia  and Joseph have split up (end a relationship).

I think I’m falling in love (start feeling love) with my best friend. What should I do?

Don’t be angry! Yes, I was talking to that other girl, but you know you’re my main squeeze!( committed romantic partner).

An old flame (a former boyfriend or girlfriend) has come back into my life. I’m seeing her tomorrow night.

When are you and Jenny going to tie the knot (get married)? – This year, but we haven’t set a date yet.


Feeling Idioms Examples


Yoga pants are all the rage (very much in fashion) in North America right now, but in two years probably nobody will be wearing them.

Sure, you can invest a little money, but don’t get carried away (overly enthusiastic) – people lose lots of money on the stock market.

John’s suggestions in the meeting were ridiculous. Sometimes I think he’s not playing with a full deck (stupid).

Sorry I was so quiet during the meeting. I’ve been out of sorts (slightly ill ) all day.

Have you heard Dmitri is going to try to climb Mt. Rinjani in the rainy season? He must be off his rocker (crazy, insane).

John is on the ball (competent, alert). I think we can leave the office under his supervision for a few days.

Gerald used to be one of the most logical people I know. Now he’s mad as a hatter (mentally ill).

You’ve been down in the dumps (depressed) all week. Let’s go to the football game – that’ll cheer you up.

Fans are cock-a-hoop (excited) about the team’s acquisition of the new striker.


Food Idioms Examples


The problem of how to motivate employees can be a tough nut to crack (a difficult problem) sometimes.

Fred had egg on his face (embarrassed) after claiming he could climb the tree but then having to give up.

James will tell you all about his adventures in Africa, but take it with a grain of salt (be skeptical).

My new girlfriend is very intelligent. That she’s beautiful is just icing on the cake! (a bonus).

I can’t help you with your presentation right now. I have bigger fish to fry (have more important things to do).

I just have a lot on my plate (a lot to do) right now while I’m finishing up my degree and doing this huge project for work.

I wouldn’t go out with him for all the tea in China! (great wealth).

James is a bad egg (not to be trusted). Don’t trust him.

Have you tried the new iPhone? It’s the greatest thing since sliced bread (an innovative development).

My husband may not be the world’s most glamorous guy, but he brings home the bacon (earn money for the family).

Amazon started out as a bookseller, but now they offer everything from soup to nuts (everything).

We went to Mark’s Midtown for lunch. I had a grilled chicken sandwich, and it really hit the spot (very satisfying).

You should apply to the university now. There are lots of reasons, but in a nutshell, it will end up costing

I’m really in a pickle (in need of help). I spent all the money I had saved, and I have no way to pay next semester’s tuition bill.

The kids are always nutty as fruitcakes (crazy) when they’ve had something sugary to eat.

I’ve already done the difficult parts – finishing the presentation tonight will be a piece of cake (easily done).

Nothing tastes better than fresh cinnamon rolls, served piping hot (very hot).

Sam is rotten to the core (entirely evil). He steals, he lies, he’s violent. I’m glad he’s in prison.

The new Honda is expected to sell like hotcakes (sold very quickly) after it’s released.

We’re wasting our time on small potatoes (unimportant). Let’s get to the big news that made us have this meeting.

We had planned this to be a surprise party for you, but Jason spilled the beans (reveal a secret).

Our principal was a little lady, but she was one tough cookie! (a very determined person).


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