50++ Contoh Idiom dalam Kalimat Bahasa Inggris yang Bisa Kamu Pelajari Part 2

50++ Contoh Idiom dalam Kalimat Bahasa Inggris yang Bisa Kamu Pelajari Part 2

Kampung Inggris Bandung E-PLC – Mempelajari idiom dalam bahasa Inggris artinya mempelajari berbagai idiom yang berlaku dan digunakan bagi para penurut asli, sehingga kita memahami arti idiom tersebut dan bisa menggunakannya dalam percakapan sehari-hari. Berikut ini kelanjutan dari berbagai contoh idiom dalam kalimat bahasa Inggris yang bisa kita pelajari


Fruit Idiom Examples

You only get a bite at the cherry (good opportunity) in life.

Her cheeks were as red as a cherry (very red).

Baseball is as American as apple pie (typically American).

Tom is really a bad apple (a trouble making or dishonest person).

Only the top banana (boss, leader) can make a decision of that magnitude.

Sarah’s surprise party went pear-shaped (fail) once she accidentally found out about it.

Do whatever you want, I do not give a fig (not care).


Dog Idiom Examples

Every man and his dog (many people) wanted to interview me after I on the race.

Those two fight like cat and dog (continually arguing with each other), so please don’t put them together on the project.

I’ll be right back-I’ve got to go see a man about a dog (go to the bathroom).

This has always been a nice hotel, but it’s going to the dogs (become disordered).

At first my marriage was all puppies and rainbows (perfect), but then reality set in.

I try to be strict with my daughter, but when she looks at me with those puppy dog eyes (a begging look), I buy her candy.


Cat Idiom Examples

I’m going to try to squeeze in a cat nap (short sleep during the day) before my next shift starts, or else I’ll be feeling sluggish for the entire evening.

Who will bell the cat (a difficult or impossible task) and take on the job of reducing corruption in this country?

She’s waiting for the doctor to call with her test results, so she’s been like a cat on a hot tin roof all day (extremely nervous).

Inside, there is no room to swing a cat (very small), and everything you see is the most basic junk.


Animal Idiom Examples

Talk to Jon. He’s the big fish (important person) in the organization. He can help you get things done.

Picking out this item or that for criticism seems unsportsmanlike, like shooting fish in a barrel (very easy).

That’s just a fish story (a big lie). Don’t try to fool me.

This game will be the quarterback’s swan song (a final appearance) – he’s retiring after this season.

 I was sick as a parrot (very disappointed) after Man United lost last night. 

I almost didn’t go on stage and perform tonight because I had butterflies in my stomach (nervous).

I think this is a wild goose chase (an impossible task).  This library doesn’t have the books we need.

Glen is a lone wolf (not social) and seldom joins in the activities of the neighborhood.

When we got married, we were both poor as a church mouse (very poor) and we had to live with my husband’s parents.

What happened when I asked for comments? Crickets (silence). So I assume you’re all satisfied with the proposal.

My eagle-eyed (sharp vision) sister spotted the car in the parking lot before anyone else did.

You’d better pay him more, or one day you’ll come to the office and find that he flew the coop (left).

I’m afraid that if we don’t reduce staff, we’ll go belly up (go bankrupt) within a year.

If you want to reach the island with the treasure, you’ve got to swim with sharks (take a major risk) for a while.

You’re only 22-the world is your oyster (have many opportunities).  Don’t feel you have to get married now.

It may be very crowded in there. I’ll go and take a gander (take a look), and then I’ll send you a text message.

If you wait for Jeb to finish his part of the project, you’ll be waiting till the cows come home (a long time).

Sure, I’ll go out with Cynthia again. When pigs fly (never).


Family Idiom Examples

I have a bun in the oven (pregnant) again! Sophia will have a baby sister.

Children will be admitted to the concert, but sorry, no babes in arms (a baby being carried).

After learning to drive a stick shift, driving with an automatic transmission is child’s play (a very easy task).

The poor baby has a face only a mother could love (a very ugly face).

Big Brother (Government) seems to grow more and more powerful as data about individuals is accumulated on social networks.

Just enter the update code, register the new software, and Bob’s your uncle (you’re almost finished).

When you go on a trip, it’s important to buy souvenirs for your kith and kin (family) back home.

Just watch. Getting her to go out with me will be like taking candy from a baby (very easy).

I bought a ring, and I’m ready to pop the question (propose marriage) to Sophia.

They hadn’t planned to get married, but Sophia found out she was up the duff (pregnant).


Body Idiom Examples

You shouldn’t buy a new car until you’ve paid off the debt from your student loan. Use your head! (think).

It’s too bad you didn’t get the job, but keep your chin up (cheer up) – another one will come along.

OK, I’ll tell you the secret about Cynthia, but zip your lip about it! (be quiet).

The presentation will begin at 8 on the nose (precisely). Don’t miss it.

The team was all eyes and ears (attentive) as the coach explained the challenges ahead.

I don’t see eye to eye (agree) with Frances on the workflow, but she’s the boss.

I know John is bad for me, but when I get a look at his baby blues (blue eyes) I can’t resist him.

Why did you delete the file I was working on? I’m all ears (Listening willingly).

Lend an ear (Listen), and I’ll tell you what people said at the meeting yesterday.

This is especially used in hypothetical situations. If Joe asked me, I’d marry him in a heartbeat! ( immediately).

I like to keep my vocabulary at hand (nearby).

Are there enough people on hand (available) to hold a meeting?

Employee absenteeism has gotten out of hand (out of control).

She’ll give you the name of a place to stay – she knows the area like the back of her hand (very well).

Could you lend me a hand (help) with this piano?

Tom was hands-down (obviously) the best student at the university.

Shareholders pointed the finger at (blame) the board of directors for the losses, and voted most of them out.

The exam’s at two. Will you keep your fingers crossed (wish for good luck) for me?

We agreed we’d meet at the mall at 3. But you left me cooling my heels (wait) for two whole hours.

Don’t trust Jack around your expensive glassware – he’s all thumbs (clumsy).

It really pleased me that the boss gave me a thumbs-up (approval) on my presentation.

I worry about my son. He’s smart enough to succeed, but he doesn’t have the fire in the belly (strong ambition).

There I was, in my birthday suit (nakedness), when the doorbell rang.

Three months ago Jack seemed to be at death’s door, but now he’s fit as a fiddle (in very good health) What happened?

If you’re on a long drive, it’s helpful to stop and take forty winks (a short nap) every few hours if you can.


Business Idiom Examples

At first I wasn’t ready to accept your offer for the house. But you drive a hard bargain (negotiate effectively).

Jennifer’s presentation was on point (well done) – concise, relevant, and accurate.

The election is up for grabs (available).  Everything is still very chancy.

The salary increase is still up in the air (not yet decided) – the boss favors it, but she hasn’t gotten approval from her superiors.

Sophia is in hot water (in trouble) with her department manager after she blew that sales presentation.

I’ll be burning the midnight oil (working late ) tonight, but I guarantee I’ll finish the paper before class tomorrow at 9.

I’ve been out of work (unemployed) since December. Hope I find a new job soon!


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