Daftar Lengkap ‘Nouns and Prepositions Collocations’ Beserta Contohnya

Daftar Lengkap ‘Nouns and Prepositions Collocations’ Beserta Contohnya

Kampung Inggris Bandung E-PLC – Apa itu Collocation dalam bahasa Inggris? Collocation adalah kata-kata yang sering ditempatkan bersama-sama atau dua kata atau lebih yang sering ditemukan bersama-sama baik dalam percakapan maupun tulisan bahasa Inggris. Collocations ini berhubungan dengan bagaimana kamu menggambarkan sesuatu secara khusus dengan cara menggabungkan dua jenis kata, kali ini kita akan mempelajari list dari Nouns and Prepositions Collocations. apa saja? berikut listnya:


Noun + OF Collocations List

A cause of

A photograph of

Address of

Advantage of

Awareness of

Disadvantage of

Exhibition of

Experience of

Fear of

Grasp of

Habit of

Knowledge of

Love of

Member of

Memory of

Method of

Possibility of

Problem of

Process of

Risk of

Understanding of

Cause of

Example of

Way of

Relevance of


Noun + FOR Collocations List

A check for (amount of money)

Reason for

Admiration for

Advertisement for

Approval for

Arguments for

Bid for

Case for

Credit for

Cure for

Demand for

Desire for

Fondness for

Hatred for

Love for

Need for

Preference for

Recipe for

Reputation for

Respect for

Responsibility for

Room for

Search for

Talent for

Thirst for


Noun + WITH Collocations List

Arguments with

Concern with

Connection with

Contact with

Date with

Dealings with

Difficulty with

Involvement with

Link with

Meeting with

Quarrel with

Relationship with

Sympathy with


Noun + IN Collocations List

A decrease in

A fall in

A rise in

An increase in

Belief in

Change in

Course in

Delay in

Difference in

Difficulty in

Experience in

Growth in

Interest in

Lesson in

Participation in

Place in

Success in


Noun + ON Collocations List

Debate on

Information on

Hold on

Agreement on

Ban on

Congratulations on

Decision on

Report on


Noun + AT Collocations List

Age at

Attempt at

Point at

Anger at


Noun + TO Collocations List

Access to

Addiction to

Allusion to

An attitude to

An invitation to

Approach to

Change to

Concern to

Contribution to

Damage to

Dedication to

Desire to

Devotion to

Invitation to

Newcomer to

Reaction to

Reason to

Reference to

Relevance to

Resistance to

Response to

Solution to

Threat to

Transition to

Visit to


Noun + ABOUT Collocations List

Agreement about

Anxiety about

Concern about

Confusion about

Debate about

Decision about

Information about

Story about


Noun + INTO Collocations List

Inquiry into

Investigation into

Research into

Translation into


Berikut ini contoh kalimat yang menggunakan Nouns and Prepositions Collocations

The school has decided to adopt a different approach to discipline.

She was concerned to write about situations that everybody could identify with.

I really admire Sarah for her dedication to her family.

The invitation to the reception at the embassy arrived the next day.

The book is full of references to growing up in India.

We received an encouraging response to our advertisement.

He will remain head of state during the period of transition to democracy.

Dave has close connection with my family.

I’ve got a dinner date with Tommy on Saturday.

He spoke openly about his involvement with the singer.

Tony left after a quarrel with his wife.

She received approval for the proposal from the shareholders.

At least give her credit for trying.

He felt nothing but hatred for his attacker.

I’m aware of John’s reputation for being late.

We went to see an exhibition of Viking jewellery.

His habit of smoking in restaurants caused many problems in California.

He was the first to see the possibilities of the plan.

He pleaded the cause of the local fishermen.


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