Mengenal Bagian Waktu yang Berbeda dalam Sehari, Apa Saja Ya?

Mengenal Bagian Waktu yang Berbeda dalam Sehari, Apa Saja Ya

Kampung Inggris Bandung E-PLC – Bagian ini kita akan mempelajari bagian-bagian waktu yang berbeda dalam sehari atau bagian hari dalam bahasa Inggris. Tentunya dengan mengetahui hal ini, kamu akan semakin meningkatkan kosakata dan juga melatih skill bahasa Inggris mu. Yuk kita lihat apa saja bagian hari dalam bahasa Inggris itu;



Sekitar saat matahari terbit


My Mom usually wakes up at dawn.

The mine workers left work at the break of dawn.

The dawn is breaking.

The weather generally gets cold toward dawn.

They should come before dawn.

The darkest hour is before dawn.


Early Morning

Sekitar 2 jam sebelum matahari terbit hingga sekitar jam 7:00 pagi.


In the early morning,she robbed and went out.

Birds sing loudest in the early morning.

In the early morning I went up through the hillside woods.

The early morning is the best time of day.

He loved the cool of the early morning.



Dari matahari terbit hingga jam 12:00 siang


That was a very beautiful morning.

I go to work in the mornings.

Do you have any appointments for this morning?

I will call you on Saturday morning.

She couldn’t get to sleep until the morning.


Late Morning

Sekitar jam 10 pagi sampai jam 12 siang 


The fog had lifted by late morning.

By late morning the sky had cleared a little.

They stayed at Cawdor from Friday lunchtime to Saturday late morning.

The only clue had come in the late morning.

The late morning sun was beginning to break through the clouds.

Noon or Midday

Sekitar jam 12 siang, Noon biasanya untuk menunjukan jam 12 siang tepat. Sedangkan Midday  bisa untuk menunjukan waktu sekitar pukul 11:00 hingga 14:00.


We usually have a simple meal at midday.

The explosion occurred just after midday.

She will call you again at noon.

We used to ski before noon then take a long lunch.

The rocket is due to lift off at noon on Friday.


Early Afternoon

Sekitar jam 12 siang sampai jam 3 sore 


By early afternoon the weather had brightened.

We met in the early afternoon .

By the early afternoon the inside of the house was finished.

I awoke in the early afternoon to find the room empty.

I arrived in Oaxaca on the 22 of December, in the early afternoon.



Bagian waktu ini mulai dari jam 12 siang sampai jam 6 sore 


Do you have plans for this afternoon?

The rain continued to fall all afternoon.

The snowstorm will last till tomorrow afternoon.

Will you be free this afternoon?

I spent the afternoon snug and warm in bed.

The foreign guests will call on you next Wednesday afternoon.


Late Afternoon


By late afternoon , Micky had changed his mind.

A breeze came up in the late afternoon.

The shadows deepened toward late afternoon.

It was late afternoon and the light was beginning to fade.

It was late afternoon and the sun was low in the sky.



Waktu matahari terbenam


Dusk was falling as we drove home.

He works from dawn till dusk .

As dusk fell, bats began to fly between the trees.

The street lights come on at dusk and go off at dawn.

Early Evening

Bagian waktu ini antara 5 sore sampai jam 7 malam 


It was early evening and very still.

We landed at Port Said in the early evening.

By early evening he was ready to start work.

 Lunchtime or early evening are preferable.

It was early evening when Edward got home.



Evening mulai dari jam 5 sore sampai jam 10 malam 


An evening red and a morning gray, is a sign of a fair day.

In the evening one may praise the day.

Thanks for a great evening. I really enjoyed it.

She’s going to her sister’s for the evening.


Late Evening

Mulai dari jam 8 malam sampai jam 10 malam 


Late evening is also the best time to feed a pet.

The offices and shops are shuttered by late evening.

Johnny Wilson had a repeat scheduled for late evening.

We arrived late in the evening at the hotel and were greeted on arrival with a fruit drink.



Sekitar jam 10 malam sampai matahari terbit


What’s done by night appears by day.

The day has eyes, the night has ears.

At night, all cats are gray.

Lack of knowledge is darker than night.

Last night they stayed at home and watched TV.



Midnight adalah waktu antara jam 10 malam sampai jam 3 pagi 


One hour’s sleep before midnight is worth three after.

We used to go for a midnight walk during the midsummer.

It won’t go on beyond midnight.

We finally got home at midnight.


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