List Phrasal Verb Tentang Business, Education, Work, Idea and Environment

03 List Phrasal Verb Tentang Business, Education, Work, Idea and Environment

Kampung Inggris Bandung E-PLC – Phrasal Verb adalah satu kata kerja yang dipadukan dengan preposition atau adverb (atau keduanya) dan berfungsi sebagai kata kerja. Mari kita lihat beberapa Phrasal Verb sesuai dengan topik-topik seperti Business, Education, Work, Idea and Environment.


Phrasal Verb List for Business

Branch out: Expand or extend one’s interests

Break into: Enter (with effort or force)

Carry on: Continue

Close down: Stop operating

Look forward to: Feel pleased and excited about something that is going to happen

Note down: Write something down

Step down: Resign or leave (a position/job)

Take off: Become successful or popular very fast

Take up: Fill a particular amount of space or time

Weigh up (UK): Consider carefully the advantages or disadvantages of a situation

Back up: Make a copy of information

Carry out: Do and complete a task

Come up: Happen or arise

Get on (UK): Continue or start doing something

Keep up with: Follow

Set up: Start (a business)

Go through: Experience something difficult or unpleasant

Find out: Discover a fact or piece of information

Call off: Cancel something

Call back: To return a call or telephone someone again.

Deal with: Handle (a problem)

Drop in: Make a short visit without making an arrangement in advance

Fill out: Complete (a form)

Hold on: Wait

Join in: Participate

Lay off: Fire (staff)

Put back (UK): Delay or postpone

Run out of: Have no more of something

Sort out: Organize or fix the contents of something

Take on: Employ (staff)

Take over: To begin to have control of or responsibility for something

Bail out: To rescue somebody from a difficult situation, especially financial problems

Cut back: To reduce something

Go under: To become bankrupt

Fall through: If an agreement, plan, sale etc. falls through, it is not completed successfully

Pull out: To move away from something or stop being involved in it

Bottom out: To reaches the lowest level before starting to improve again

Level off: To stop rising or falling and become steady


Phrasal Verb List for Education

Be into: Be interested in sth in active way

Take up: Start doing a new activity

Fall behind: Make less progress than other people

Catch up: Improve and reach the same standard as other people

Go over: Check something carefully

Go over: Practise and repeat something in order to learn it

Read up on: Study something by reading a lot about it

Hand in/turn in: Give your finished work to a teacher

Hand out: give things to the members of a group

Copy out: Write sth again exactly as it was written

Drop out: Leave school without finishing your studies


Phrasal Verb List for Work

Burn out: Be extremely tired

Call off: Cancel

Carry out: Do a particular piece of work, research etc

Draw up: Prepare something in writing, especially an official document

Fill in for: To do somebody’s job for a short time while they are not there

Hand in: Give something to a person in authority

Knock off: Stop working

Knuckle down: Start working harder

Lay off: Stop employing someone because there is not enough work for them to do

Run by: Tell someone about an idea or plan so that they can give you their opinion

Slack off: Do something with less energy and effort than is usual or necessary

Take on: Employ someone

Take over: Take control of something

Work out: To develop in a successful way


Phrasal Verb for Idea and Innovation

Think up: Invent or to imagine something; to produce a new idea

Come up with: Think of or suggest an idea, plan, or solution

Start over: Begin again

Figure out: Think about somebody/something until you understand them/it


Phrasal Verb for Environment

Wipe out: Destroy something completely

Break down: Decompose, when something slowly reduces to its smallest parts

Scale back: Make something smaller in size, amount, etc. than it used to be

Used up: Exhaust of strength or useful properties

Throw away: Get rid of something that you no longer want or need

Run out of: Finish the supply of something

Die out: Stop existing

Spread out: Cover a large area

Rely on: Need or depend on somebody/something

Cut down: Kill trees



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