List Phrasal Verb Tentang Travel, Cooking, Shopping, Party and Driving

02 List Phrasal Verb Tentang Travel, Cooking, Shopping, Party and Driving

Kampung Inggris Bandung E-PLC – Phrasal Verb adalah satu kata kerja yang dipadukan dengan preposition atau adverb (atau keduanya) dan berfungsi sebagai kata kerja. Mari kita lihat beberapa Phrasal Verb sesuai dengan topik-topik seperti Travel, Cooking, Shopping, Party and Driving, berikut ini;


Phrasal Verb List for Travel

See off: Go to the airport or station to say goodbye to someone

Set off: Start a journey

Get in: Arrive (train, plane)

Hold up: Delay when traveling

Take off: When a plane departs or leaves the ground

Check in: Arrive and register at a hotel or airport

Get off: Leave a bus, train, plane

Check out: Leave the hotel after paying

Get away: To have a holiday or vacation

Get on: Enter a bus, train, plane, to climb on board

Drop off: Take someone to a place and leave them there

Pick up: Let someone get into your car and take them somewhere

Set out: Start a journey, especially a long journey

Speed up: Increase speed

Look around: Explore what is near you, in your area

Hurry up: Rush and not waste time

Go back: Go the place someone is leaving from to say goodbye

Look forward: Look forward to something that is going to happen in the future

Stop over: Stay somewhere for a short time during a long journey

Touch down: To land at an airport


Phrasal Verb List for Cooking

Bake off: Finish baking partly baked food

Boil away: Cause liquid to evaporate completely by boiling

Boil down: If a food or liquid boils down it becomes less after it is cooked

Boil over: Cause liquid to rise and flow over the side of the container

Bolt down: Eat a large amount of food very quickly

Chop up: Cut into pieces, usually with several sharp blows

Cut off: Remove something by cutting it

Cut out: Shape or form by cutting

Cut up: Cut something into small pieces

Fry up: Cook something by frying

Pick at: Eat only small amounts of a meal

Pig out: Eat an extremely large amount of food

Slice off: Cut something from a larger piece

Whip up: Quickly make a meal or something to eat

Cook away: Slow cooking; to cook slowly over a long period of time

Peel off: To remove the skin from a vegetable or fruit

Thaw out: To warm up from being frozen

Mix in: To mix or combine with substances

Warm up: To reheat a food to a desired temperature


Phrasal Verb List for Shopping

Bring down: Reduce the amount of something

Pay for: Give money in order to buy something

Put on: To see something is worth trying

Queue up/line up: Wait for something in a line

Ring up: Record an amount of money by pressing buttons on a cash register

Sell out: Sell the whole supply/ capacity

Shop around: Compare prices before buying

Take off: Remove a piece of clothing

Try on: Put on a piece of clothing to see if it fits

Try out: Test something to see if you like it

Pop into: To visit briefly

Do up: To fasten something

Stand out: To be very noticeable

Pick out: To choose / select

Wear in: To loosen or soften some new clothing by wearing it

Set (someone) back: To cost someone a particular amount of money, especially a large amount

Look out for: To watch or check regularly for something or to search for something

Go with smt: To seem good, natural, or attractive in combination with something

Splash out: Spend money freely


Phrasal Verb List for Party

Blow up: Fill something with air or gas

Turn up: Increase the amount of sound, heat, or light of a machine

Blow out: Use your breath to make a flame stop burning

Pull off: Succeed in doing something that is difficult

Go out: Leave home and go somewhere, especially to do something enjoyable

Dress up: Put on formal clothes for a special occasion

Hang out: Spend time relaxing, usually with friends

Pick up: Meet someone at their home to go somewhere, often in a car

Eat out: Eat in a restaurant


Phrasal Verb for Driving

Back up: Make a car go backwards

Buckle up: Fasten your seat belt in a car, plane etc.

Cut off: Block someone’s way

Drive by: Do something out of a car

Fill up: Put gasoline in the car until it’s completely full

Get out of: Leave

Pull over: Stop on the side of the road

Run over: Hit something/someone with a car and drive over them

Slow down: To decrease speed; to go slower

Turn off: Stop a piece of equipment working temporarily by pressing a button

Pull in: Move to the side of the road

Pull out: Move away from the side of the road, etc.

Run into: Crash into somebody/something

Knock down: Hit somebody and make them fall to the ground

Pick up: Take someone in vehicle


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