List Phrasal Verb Tentang Family, Relationship, Around The House and Health

01 List Phrasal Verb Tentang Family, Relationship, Around The House and Health

Kampung Inggris Bandung E-PLC – Phrasal Verb adalah satu kata kerja yang dipadukan dengan preposition atau adverb (atau keduanya) dan berfungsi sebagai kata kerja. Mari kita lihat beberapa Phrasal Verb sesuai dengan topik-topik seperti Family, Relationship, Around The House and Health, berikut ini, 


Phrasal Verbs List about Family

Be named after: Be given the name of another person

Bring sb up: Look after a child until he or she becomes an adult

Fall out with sb: Argue with sb and you are no longer friendly with them

Get along/on with: Have a good, friendly relationship with sb

Get together: Spend time together

Go by: Prefer to be called by a particular name

Grow apart: Stop having a close relationship with somebody over a period of time

Grow up: Develop into an adult

Look after: Take care of someone

Look up to: Respect and admire someone

Take after: Look or behave like an older relative

Tell off: Criticize someone angrily for doing something wrong

Settle down: Begin to live a quieter life by getting married

Split up: End a marriage relationship

Make up: Become friendly with someone again after an argument

Break up: End a relationship

Put up with: Tolerate; accept an unpleasant situation without complaining

Pass away: To die (to avoid saying ‘die’ when you think this might upset someone)


Phrasal Verbs List for Relationships

Fall for: Begin to be in love with someone

Go out: Date someone

Make up: Forgive each other after an argument or disagreement

Split up: End a relationship

Break up: End a relationship

Look up to: Respect and admire someone

Fall out: Argue with someone and stop being friendly with them

Put down: Say bad things about someone; to insult

Put up with: Tolerate; accept an unpleasant situation without complaining


Phrasal Verbs Around the House

Take out of the trash: Remove trash from the house

Throw away: Put something into the trash can/to discard

Pick up: Remove something from the floor to put into their proper place

Hang up: Put your clothes on a hanger to hang in the closet

Put away: Put items into their proper place (a drawer, cabinet, etc…)

Clean up/ tidy up: Remove the dirt, stains & unwanted material

Mop up: Use a mop (towel or sponge) to remove liquid from the floor.

Build on: Construct an additional part of to the house, to add more space/rooms/etc…

Turn on: Give (lamp/TV) power, to start

Put up: Attach (a picture, or other object) to the wall to hang

Turn off: Cause the power of (lamp/tv) to stop

Take down: Remove (a picture or object) from the wall

Stock up: Buy a lot of something (food, drink, etc) to fill the refrigerator or pantry.

Put on: Get dressed

Put on (music): Turn on the radio or some music

Put on: Put (the pot/kettle/etc…) on the stove

Put out: Extinguish/ to make a fire stop working


Phrasal Verbs for Health

Get over: Recover from something

Pass away: Die

Run over: Hit by a vehicle

Break out: Develop skin sores or irritation

Fight off: Resist an illness

Come to: Become conscious

Pass out: Faint, lose consciousness

Come down with: Become sick (not seriously)

Throw up: Be sick, vomit

Work out: Train the body by physical exercise

Warm up: Begin a physical activity gradually

Block up: Stop something from moving through something else

Lay (laid) up: Unable to work, etc. because of an illness or injury

Swell up: Become large, inflated, or bulging

Clog up: Become or cause to become obstructed

Dose up (UK): Give medicine to

Lay low: Render someone unable to move or leave their bed

Let up: Become less strong or stop

Come round: Become conscious

Shake off: Shake something in order to get something off of it


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